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Your Child Will Be
Nurtured In Nature?

At Soulful Children's Village We Have Child Led Learning Approach

Our weekly playgroup program focuses on providing your child with a holistic learning experience that centers itself around your child’s individual needs. We are invested in your child’s play experience and connecting to the nature around them at our farm in Mardella, WA.

We are passionate about early childhood education and we care about building a community of like-minded families who nurture and engage in our village and play space.
Our passion for early childhood education is due to Kieran, a qualified early learning teacher who also has experience with special needs children and runs play-based education programs between child care centres and families. Kieran wants all children to have the opportunity to thrive beyond the schoolroom. To feel supported, nurtured, and safe within their learning environments and most of all – have fun!

We draw inspiration from Montessori, Waldorf Steiner, and Reggio Emilia’s philosophies, taking the best parts of all of them and infusing them with a child-led learning approach. We are surrounded by nature and nature-based play is a big part of every playgroup session. We sing, we dance, and get muddy (especially in winter).

Are You Looking For An Alternative To Kindy?

Come and see if our early childhood playgroup fits the holistic education you seek for your child. 

Our playgroup is located on a beautiful farm in Mardella, close to Serpentine Falls.
Outdoors, the children have the opportunity to play in our large sand pit, water play area, in the mud kitchen, to feed the horses, and work within the garden.
Indoors – we have a play kitchen, sensory space, light tables, Steiner and Montessori resources built with wood and natural materials and a space for eating and cleaning up.
The play resources in our playgroup room are rotated out with new resources every new term.

At the core of our playgroup’s early childhood, educational philosophy is that play is an essential ingredient for all children’s learning potential. We encourage and support your child to learn through reading, art, music, science, movement, dramatic play, nature play and more. Through play, children learn important emotional and social skills and the ability to reason, think critically and solve problems.

We use open-ended play materials that are often seen in both Montessori and Waldorf Steiner classrooms. Items like play silks, dress-ups, wooden blocks, books, sensory play materials, paint, practical life supplies, yoga mats, and many more. 

We aim to provide your child with a safe and comfortable environment, that supports their abilities and is engaging and fun to be in. We encourage friendship and community among all the Soulful Children’s Village families and the children attending our playgroups.

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We love Soulful Children's Village!
It's such a peaceful, child centred environment.
The equipment is exquisite and so carefully set up, inviting the children to learn in the way that suits them best. My children are excited to feed the horses and see the various farm animals too.
I would not take my children anywhere else!

– Ferne 

My 2 year old toddler loves Soulful Children's Village. It has a very relaxing, stress-free environment, where she can make her own decisions how to play and learn.
There are lots of beautiful wooden toys to play with and an amazing outside area where she can truly connect to nature - feeding horses, playing in puddles, climbing tree's etc.
It's great to know that there is a place to go where she can really slow down, find some calmness and just be a child.

– Hazel’s Mum

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