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Soulful Children's Village - immerse your children in a holistic learning approach.

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About Soulful Children's Village Perth

Kieran Chappell

Founder & Director

Hello and welcome to Soulful Children’s Village!

My name is Kieran and I am a fully qualified Early Childhood Teacher, Toddler & Kids Yoga Teacher, Play Consultant and Mumma of two beautiful children. I am passionate about holistic education and acknowledge that each child has their own learning style.

The road to creating this playgroup started long ago when I first became interested in education as a Teacher’s Assistant whilst working with children with special needs. This led me to complete a teaching degree and becoming a children’s yoga teacher. I have worked extensively with families over the years and have now expanded my work as a play consultant working with a range of families and early learning educators.

Soulful Children’s Village grew from my dream to provide a unique playgroup experience that provides a peaceful and welcoming space whilst offering gentle and play-based learning activities, beautiful wooden resources, as well as an opportunity for parents to be consciously present with their children away from the distraction of a busy life.

I wholeheartedly believe that all children should have access to play-based learning and a childhood based in nature. Situated in the beautiful Peel Region of Mardella, Soulful Children’s Village provides a unique opportunity to connect, not only with nature, but with likeminded families and a community outside of your nuclear family.

A home away from home!

I look forward to meeting you and your family and welcoming you to the wonderful community that we are building here at Soulful Children’s Village.

Accessible To All Children...

Our playgroup being available to all children and families is very important to us.
Every week we leave a space open (in each session) for a family in financial hardship that wouldn’t otherwise have access to our program. 
All you have to do is send an email or text to Kieran and she will send you a code to enter when you book online. 
This is a first in best dressed scenario, but we kindly ask that you do leave these sessions open for families in need.
Keep in mind we have this space available every week, so don’t be discouraged if there isn’t a space available this week.

If you have any question about this offer, please contact Kieran directly here

Kieran does an amazing job at setting up different activities that are really engaging for the children and I am inspired to continue the educational and nature based activities at home. I also love all the wooden toys! My son and I look forward to going every time. Thank you Kieran.

– Lara 

My son Mr 3 is in his element every week when we attend Soulful Children's Village also know as "Farm School".
Kieran and Lara are wonderful and the atmosphere is calm and full of positive energy.
The set up is beyond my expectations!
Feeding the horses, going on nature walks, kids yoga, encouragement of childrens autonomy and growing food are all important aspects of Kieran's approach to guiding our little people.
Thank you Kieran, we feel very blessed to have met you.

– Joss

It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy
in creative expression and knowledge.

Albert Einstein 

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